Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Unseen Me: Who am I?

I am creating this blog because this morning I realized I need an outlet.  I am not the average person with the average experiences.  Yes, I have some of those, and those are the stories I tell people when I hang with friends, but there is a whole hidden part of my life that on most days I try to forget about.

I believe that our experiences make us who we are.  More important than what happens to us is how we perceive what happens to us.  I would have to say my perceptions have changed a lot as I've grown older.  I still have a hard time placing some of my experiences though.  I have read of some who have had experiences like mine, but they seem so few and far between.

Because I have to keep so much of my life essentially a secret it really wears on my emotional strength sometimes and so I wanted a place like this where no one knows who I am so that I can actually tell my stories and let them out there.  I do not plan on any sort of order to my stories either, so no one should expect a chronological storyline here.

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